15 Best Online Shopping Websites For Inspiration In 2021

The digital revolution means that eCommerce is increasing people’s first choice when it comes to shopping. In 2020, when the world experienced a not-so-smooth transition to the digital realm, a lot of people (read: all of us) realized that transactions online are actually not so bad. Ever since then, online shopping websites – whether they are for clothes, gadgets or food – have witnessed an indubitable rise.

Obviously, this means that online shopping websites all over the world are considerably improving their game to ensure that they accommodate, impress, and retain their customers.

The good thing? This gives us a massive range of websites to learn from, when we build our own eCommerce presence!

So, if you are trying to find inspiration and want to learn from the best shopping websites out there, look no further.

In this article, we will zoom in on the 15 best online shopping websites in the world that inspire you to create a stellar website of your own.

What to Look for in an Online Shopping Website

Before we look at some examples of the best online shopping websites, let’s have a general look at everything a website needs to have in order to be compelling:

The website has to be user-friendly

One of the most important things that you need to check for in an online shopping website is the fact that it is user-friendly. People today are used to very high-tech, absolutely seamless interfaces on websites.

Anything that hinders the level of user-friendliness a website has can be of detriment to the overall success of your online shopping venture. Therefore, it is absolutely important for your website to be as user-friendly as possible.

The website has to be mobile-friendly

Secondly, the website should also be mobile-friendly. As regular users of the web, we can understand that it is more than likely that most of our online activity happens via a mobile phone. Considering that, eCommerce is not any different, your website needs to be optimized for functioning on mobile as well.

The website needs to have high-resolution photos and video

Your website also needs to include high-resolution photos and videos. Not only does this make your website more compelling, but it also creates a better image for the brand in general. When it comes to online shopping websites, it is even more important to incorporate and provide tyour potential customers with multiple angles and uses for products that are being sold. In short, the presence of high-quality photos and videos improves the authenticity of your brand.

The website needs to include user-generated reviews

Did you know that about 95% of shoppers read reviews before they commit to a product? It’s true, and this makes it incredibly important to include some reviews on your website. In addition, it is also important to ensure that these reviews are user-generated, so your potential customers can trust your products even more.

In fact, you should also leave a few negative reviews on there, so that your website remains original and wholesome.

The website should put any special offers they have at the forefront of the website

Flashing customers with special offers is an age-old marketing practice that just works. For an eCommerce website, putting special offers at the forefront means that you are essentially motivating your potential customers into navigating the website and finding the right product for themselves.

So, your special offers actually act as an incentive towards enticing the customer to finalize their purchase.

The website should have wish lists

As all of us have shopped online at one point or the other, we all know that a wish list is very useful. A wish list makes it super easy for shoppers to shop, save, and share their wish lists. For you, it means more conversions, free publicity, and way less hassle. All in all, wishlists are a marketer’s dream. A website with a wish list is considerably more compelling than a website without one.

The website must include the search feature

Look at some of the top online shopping websites around you, like Amazon and eBay. What do all of them have in common? It’s the search feature! The search feature makes it easier for your potential customers to navigate your catalog, and pick the item they want. It makes their job a lot easier, and they are likely to prefer that over endless scrolling! So, if you aspire to be like the best shopping sites out there, you must include a search feature on your website.

The website should include a related items section

Who doesn’t like a “related items” section? The websites that personalize this section in accordance with the shopper’s previous history tend to do better in terms of resonating with the shopper. This is because, through this section, you are essentially telling your customers that you care about them and that their choices matter to you! Therefore, this feature is yet another important part of the website.

The website should specify and answer some important FAQs

In order to do well with existing and potential customers, a brand needs to go above and beyond in terms of answering the customer’s questions. When a website has an FAQ section, the customers’ queries are promptly answered, which is bound to make them feel more accommodated and looked after.

Moreover, it is a great way of establishing credibility and confidence with your potential buyers, which is why the top online shopping websites almost always include an FAQ section.

The website is supposed to act as social proof of your brand

Your website is not just your website. It is also the portfolio that will get you future business. A must-have aspect of your website is its ability to be social proof. This happens when you integrate the website with relevant social media channels and show that you have an emotional connection with your audience. The best websites focus on this, because they convey brand authority and reliability to other prospects.

The website is supposed to have all the security features instilled

In order for shoppers to trust the website with their credit card and shipping information, the website needs to prove that it is secure. The best online shopping websites that we come across have these features instilled in their website model and are therefore trusted by millions of people with highly sensitive and confidential information.

A few security features that represent the safety of a website include the SSL certificate, two-factor authentication, and a firewall.

The website should have multiple payment options

The way a shopper is allowed to pay really affects their experience with your website. You need to make sure that they have the leverage to make payments with the method that they are the most comfortable with.

Keep in mind that in today’s time and age, there are many payment methods that people make use of during online shopping. Some people might want to clear their bills via PayPal, while others are more comfortable having a cash-on-delivery arrangement. Some might even want to make a purchase using Bitcoin! The best vendors out there would have a method for everyone, and that is an indispensable part of a good website.

The website should list down all the shipping information

When people are making a purchase online, their biggest concerns include the way the product is going to be shipped to them. In this regard, you should leave nothing to the imagination and list all available information regarding shipping. When your customers have more clarity about how their order will ultimately be processed, they are more likely to trust you and commit to the purchase.

For this reason, the best sites out there make sure to include:

The website should incorporate a multi-touchpoint contact page

A good website always make sure that the brand seems accessible, approachable, and in reach! The best way to ensure this, comes in the form of a contact us page. Through your contact page, you’re telling the customer that in case anything goes wrong, you are there to take control and fix things.

Again, you need to make sure that there are multiple methods through which an individual can contact you. For example, you can add an online form, an email address, your social media channels, and even a phone number. Remember, the more ways there are, the more authentic and trustworthy your website seems.

The website should also mention a return policy

The best online shopping websites make sure that the return policy is also clearly mentioned on the website. This is because shoppers are generally very paranoid. They need consolation and the guarantee that in case something goes wrong, they can get their money back and that they are not signing up for something they can’t back out of. Therefore, a return policy is an essential feature that the top websites almost include in their model!

And with that, we wrap up or discussion of all the important features that the best online shopping websites have. Now, let’s look at some examples of websites that incorporate these features and hence have made it to our much-coveted list of best websites.

The Ultimate List: 15 Best Online Shopping Websites

Without any further delays, let’s get right into the 15 best online shopping websites. These are as follows:

1) Tease Tea

Tease tea

The best website for tea lovers, Tease Tea offers the perfect solution to your daily dose of tea. It allows shoppers to buy tea in accordance with your moods – you can buy tea to gain energy or to accommodate the life stage you are in. The branding on this website is amazing – it gives off a super calm aura and will definitely make you want to get your credit card out and buy amazing tea for yourself. And at the end of the day, isn’t that precisely what an eCommerce website is supposed to make you do?

2) Pretty Little Thing

pretty little thing

We have all heard of Pretty Little Thing, and that is mainly because of the utterly successful eCommerce space they have! They offer clothing, shoes, and accessories for women on a single site. They accommodate different kinds of people, have integrated top-notch, advanced features, and make sure that the entire customer experience for shoppers is seamless and up to the mark.

3) John’s Crazy Socks

john crazy socks

Owned by a man with Down Syndrome, John’s Crazy Socks are a fun and creative website that comes with a good cause. There are over 2,000 different socks that you can buy from, and 5% of all sales go towards the Special Olympics. For anyone who needs socks or loves socks, John’s Crazy Socks is a great and fun platform to do some shopping.

4) Young and Reckless

young and reckless

For men, Young and Reckless are somewhat of an eCommerce savior. If you want the perfect streetwear, Young and Reckless has got your back! The website incorporates some amazing features, includes high-resolution pictures, and even has wonderful branding. Moreover, there is also a women’s section which means that they have a diverse target market and aim to accommodate as many people as possible.

5) Velour Beauty

velour beauty

Beauty loves will LOVE this one! Any woman reading this may agree that a pair of false eyelashes is an important part of any makeup looks out there. Velour Beauty realizes this and has channeled its love of false eyelashes into a highlight creative and aesthetic online shopping website. Also, pssst – rumor has it that BEYONCE herself got her lashes from here!

6) Fanjoy


Who would want to say no to some influencer merch? It is this very idea upon which Fanjoy has been built on. On Fanjoy, shoppers can buy from their favorite influencers. All in all, it is a creative, colorful space that offers a very unique eCommerce solution to people of all ages.

7) Sirens


Calling out all the fashion freaks out there, Sirens is an innovative website that will allow you to shop according to color. Yes, that’s right! The website is so uniquely built that you can browse their clothing collection based on your favorite color. They also make sure to have their special offers at the very forefront of their website.

8) Forever 21

forever 21

Would this list even be a thing if we didn’t have Forever 21 on it? All the teenagers out there have loved their physical stores, and their online shopping website is no different! Just a browse through it will show you just how user-friendly and well-optimized to everyone’s needs it is.

9) Necessary Clothing

necessary clothing

Another website with a mind-blowing, out-of-the-box idea. Necessary Clothing offers girls the opportunity to buy clothes that are generally considered to be necessary and essential for women. For shoppers who want to quickly jump online and get the perfect outfit for an impromptu night out, Necessary Clothing is an excellent solution with a simple yet dynamic website.

10) ASOS


ASOS is a contemporary website that offers stellar clothing and vintage styles for both men and women. Not only that, but they also have a special offer for students that gives them a 10% discount on all purchases! It also has an extremely simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to buy things.

11) Chubbies


For the gentlemen out there looking for a fun yet classy swim trunks and shorts, Chubbies has got your back. With their savvy website and amazing collection, they serve all your eCommerce and clothing needs.

12) Black Creek Coffee

black creek coffee

We covered tea; how could we leave coffee behind? Black Creek Coffee, where you can find Central America’s finest coffee, has a wonderful website. It is interactive, has a modern interface, and overall has a very sleek feel to it. In short, it will give yet another spark to your love for coffee at just the first glance.

13) Colorpop


Love, at first sight, is real – and a look at the Colorpop website will affirm this notion for all makeup fanatics. Honestly, you need to check the website out to see what we’re talking about. All your makeup needs are looked after and taken care of on one platform. What else could one want? The catchy branding and the seamless web design will never fail to impress us!

14) Fashion Nova

fashion nova

Every woman, at one point or the other, has aspired to look like those typical Insta baddies. Fashion Nova, with its wonderfully integrated website, makes it possible! Not only do shoppers get access to a diverse collection through the website, but the website also contributes towards their brand as social proof.

15) Sister


Nothing in the world is as sweet as a sister. The folks at Sister agree, which is why they made a website that helps you pick the perfect present for your sister and for women in general! They sell all kinds of clothing, footwear, and accessories and will help you get the attention of your favorite female.

The Bottom Line

All the best online shopping websites have a few things in common. They are unique, integrated, and accommodating.

If you want your website’s name to be on this list next time, make sure you follow our tips!

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