25 Best Shopify Stores For Inspiration In 2021

Starting an eCommerce business can be daunting; there is so much competition online, and all you can see are businesses doing it better than you. We get it; it’s hard out there for a beginner, especially if you’re struggling to find inspiration.

When you’re setting up your online store, many questions go through your head; what do I want my store to look like? How do I make my products look compelling? What kind of copywriting will grab my customers’ attention?

There are a few tips and tricks you can employ to make your store stand out from the competition. However, let’s leave that for another time. For now, let’s look at some of the best stores on Shopify that will give you just the boost of inspiration you need!

We’ve compiled a list of the 25 best stores on Shopify in 2021 that will inspire you and help you gain an idea of how you want your store to look!

These are not random picks; these stores are thriving and winning at the Shopify game. They are spread across many different fields, so whether you’re thinking of selling beauty products, cosmetics, athletic wear, furniture, or homewares, there’s going to be something for everyone!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


25 Best Shopify Stores For Inspiration in 2021

Here are our top picks for the best stores on Shopify that will kick your inspiration into overdrive!

1.     Bluebella

Bluebella is a luxury lingerie and fashion store. Their store is centered on maintaining a fashion-forward aesthetic. Bluebella has a large selection of luxury nightwear, underwear, and lingerie. Bluebella claims that its beautiful designs are created using unusual trims and fabrics.

This store made it to our top picks due to its minimalistic yet stunning design; the website is clearly laid out and very easy to navigate. The photography goes well with their products, tying the website together into a beautiful fashion statement in itself!

The store is incredibly aesthetically pleasing to look at; we’ll let you see for yourself. Click the link and let their minimalistic, chic design inspire you!

2.     HELM

HELM began in 2009 with a simple idea; bringing classic footwear into the modern age. HELM’s website is laid out against a clean, white backdrop, bringing out the earthy hues of the shoes displayed. HELM’s purpose is to take a modern approach to classic-style footwear without taking anything away from its timeless appeal.

The material for the shoes is sourced from USA-based companies, and the boots are made in the USA as well, making them 100% American! HELM has an extensive array of handmade leather boots and word on the street; Ben Affleck may have purchased a pair or two! If that doesn’t speak to their success, we don’t know what will!

We highly recommend you check out their website and hope it inspires you as much as it inspired us! In fact, we consider HELM to be one of the best Shopify stores.

3.     Marc Wenn

Did someone say luxury denim? Marc Wenn is a one-stop shop for luxury jeans, backpacks, and even boots! Marc Wenn is a designer based in London whose products sell like hot cakes on Shopify, and for a reason! The store is laid out in a beautifully minimal design, with their merchandise displayed against a neat, white background!

Marc Wenn also had some tips for you e-commerce beginners out there. Apparently, in the store’s early days, new customers were sent thank you emails by the store with every purchase. This kind of courteous conduct with the customer that makes them feel appreciated and welcome is a great tip for small businesses starting out on Shopify!

4.     Thinx

Thinx is a menstrual underwear brand. What’s so cool about it? It is a woman-run company based on creating menstrual underwear that is pretty and comfortable. Since its inception, Thinx has grown 23 times its original value! Can you imagine? That’s a massive marker of their success as a brand!

Thinx is also a part of some pretty cool activist programs! Thinx started the GiveRise program, a program dedicated to giving underprivileged individuals access to period products and working towards period awareness and education. You can donate to the cause on their store website!

We keep praising minimalistic styles, but that’s because minimalist styles are all the rage right now and for a reason. Less is more with website/store design; your design needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate by customers. Thinx’s store is laid out beautifully, with a clear-cut minimalist design. Click the link and see for yourself!

With your help, Thinx Inc. The GiveRise program is advancing access to period products and puberty education. When you buy Thinx or make an in-cart donation, you’re helping fund periods near and far.

5.     Toyshades

Toyshades is your go-to Shopify store for shades of all kinds. Toyshades has a large variety of trendy, colorful, chic eyewear! Toyshades is a store that isn’t afraid to go all out on their website. Their site is bright and colorful, without looking messy and crowded. The design is still sleek, just with beautiful pops of color everywhere!

Toyshades has shade collections for every season! They have stunning selections of winter shades, summer, and autumn shades.

They also have their Instagram linked to their store, which is very impressive in itself. They post content on Instagram regularly, showing off their trendy designs. So, if you’re looking for some color inspo, this is the store for you!

6.     Watch Outfitter

Watch Outfitter was created by a 17-year-old who loved watches and jewelry. The store was an instant success, making a considerable profit in its first year. Watch outfitters’ timepieces are acquired from vendors worldwide, Europe, Asia, and the U.S. The best part is, their store offers high-quality products for wholesale prices!

The store layout is minimalistic, and its site is very easy to navigate. Everything is laid out in a clear and clean design, making it very aesthetically appealing! If you’re thinking of going into the accessories or watch-selling business, we highly recommend you check out their site.

7.     Ban.do

Ban.do is a one-stop shop for trendy graphic tees, swimwear, active apparel, jumpsuits, and so much more! Ban.do claims to be a lifestyle brand centered on wellness. They also sell desk accessories and stock tech! Ban.do’s store site has a stunning, colorfully vibrant layout. The site is also linked to their Instagram page, with an equally aesthetic and impressive feed that they update regularly.

8.     Khara Kapas

Khara Kapas is an Indian-inspired store selling handmade designs and clothing. Khara Kapas translates to “pure cotton”, and their brand delivers on that name!

Their designs are minimalistic, maintaining the integrity and elegance of cotton while celebrating the colorful Indian fashion aesthetic. Their clothing is sourced and manufactured in India, where the store is based. But what’s cool is that they ship worldwide! And they seem to be doing well, earning thousands of dollars every day!

9.     KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian – who doesn’t know her? Well, a swoon-worthy Instagram account and never-ending scandals are not the only things she has given us! The Shopify theme store for its beauty products is quite inspirational and has all the best features a store needs to attract a large audience.

In fact, this Shopify theme store is known for its periodic sales, display of high-quality products, and aesthetic that one just cannot say no to! KKW Cosmetics is actually one of the top choices when it comes to beauty products, and we are guessing that the Shopify Store has at least something to do with it.

10. Beardbrand

Beardbrand, founded by Eric Bandholz, is a men’s beard care brand. Since its inception, the company made over $100,000 in its first year. The store has an email quiz that helps you figure out how your beard works, what it needs, and how you can take care of it. Their beard care products and their store layout are displayed in a clean-cut minimalist store design. And they’re clearly doing something right, their email list currently has 7000 recipients! We highly recommend you check out their website for inspiration! This is one of the best Shopify store examples.

11. Flex

Not everyone uses Tampons, and the guys at Flex realized that. But surely, marketing a tampon alternative in a way that actually draws people in enough to commit to purchase must not be an easy task. However, as we can learn from Flex, a well-built Shopify store surely does help!

In the first half of 2016 alone, Flex raised about 5 million in sales. Women love Flex, and the success of the store reflects that. It markets a unique product in an equally special way, and what more could a business owner want? Honestly, Flex has us all rooting for it.

12. Happiness Abscissa

The Happiness Abscissa (Ha) is a store dedicated to wellness, health, and happiness. According to the store’s claims, “Ha ” is a scale of one’s neurobiological and sensory wellness. This scale can be analyzed and used to improve your mental wellness and health. The store design has little pops of color against a white backdrop, making it very aesthetically pleasing! Again, one of the most amazing Shopify store examples.

13. Cookbook Village

Though this store was originally selling their products on eBay, they made the smart decision to create a Shopify store, and it seems to have worked out well for them! Cookbook Village is your go-to shop for a wide range of cookbooks. They do blogs and consistent email marketing to keep the customers coming back! If you ask us, we all could learn a thing or two from their website and store setup, as well as their marketing strategy.

14. Kylie Cosmetics

Of course, where there is Kim on the list, Kylie isn’t going to stay back either! Kylie Cosmetics is yet another beauty store on Shopify that is extremely successful. Talk to any beauty guru out there, and they would have many positive reviews on just how well the Kylie Cosmetics store accommodates them.

The brand also hosts regular flash sales, that makes it resonate even better with the customers! Literally, the products on Kylie Cosmetics literally run out in minutes. Of course, this is mainly because the products are of stellar quality, but a huge part of it is also dependent on how well-optimized the store is.

15. The Candi Factory

It can’t get any more minimalistic than The Candi Factory. Their store website is the stuff of a minimalist’s dreams. Their designs are trendy and eclectic, but their layout is simple and to the point! This philosophy of setting vibrant products against a simple site design seems to be working very well for them!

16. Milk

Ignore the innovative name – Milk is a brand that offers comfortable clothing for children. It started in 2016, and ever since then has been designing kid-friendly clothes that encourage fashion, comfort, and active living at the same time. They pride on having soft and versatile fabrics, and their store gives a constant aura of comfort.

17. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is a bespoke menswear brand. They began their store in 2010 and from there it has only gone up! Taylor Stitch gets an A+ in brand trust and customer loyalty from us; their brand prompts customers to share their stories, forming an emotional connection with their audience, and becoming more than a store for them!

18.  Mignon

What started off as a kitchen goods retailer, Mignon is now a small yet dynamic online boutique that sells all types of housewares and party supplies. It uses a rather simple interface, which is why the direct focus remains to be towards their products. All in all, this particular store is a fan favorite because it is quite convenient to navigate and browse pages.

19. Floorplan

Floorplan sells rugs, sounds pretty simple right? It is! And it’s working out great! This store has a massive selection of rugs, and if you don’t like their selection, don’t worry; they also do custom rugs. Their website has a comfy, homey feel to it, matching their store motto of prioritizing your comfort.

20. Wrightwood Furniture

Though Wrightwood Furniture was originally a brick-and-mortar store in Chicago, it’s after they created one of the top Shopify stores that their brand took off. They currently make a massive profit on their e-commerce site. We highly recommend checking out their website and taking some notes!

21. 18 Karat Store

No one can say no to classy homeware and furniture, and when it is put across through an advanced Shopify website, it is even more irresistible. It seems like this is the exact idea on which the 18 Karat Store is based.

They offer everything from home furniture to the artwork that can spice up any space. Their products have a wonderful color palette, and so does the store, which is why they have made it to this list.

22. Raven Roxanne

Raven Roxanne is the site for you if you’re looking for artistic inspiration. The website is subtly colorful, with a stunning array of artwork and videos of the creator’s artistic process! Check it out and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

23. Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair sells clip-in hair extensions. Their Shopify store is an artistic, highly creative take on this product and encourages women to use it every day. Through Lucy Hair, women can experience a change in their appearance without a full-time commitment. The website is an amalgamation of amazing content such as a hair blog, brand history, transformation videos, and other snippets that form a wonderful overall image.

24. Pipsnacks

Did someone say healthy snacking? Pipsnacks has you covered. This store has a wide variety of healthy snacks, so you can curb your cravings, without any guilt! The company has been consistently growing in revenue, making large profits, and it’s only expected to keep growing.

We highly recommend you visit their beautifully minimalistic site to get inspired!

25. Leather Head Sports

And lastly, this store! Leather Head Sports had to shift from Etsy to Shopify due to the influx of customers. Ever since they have been creating amazing leather goods that add style and glamor to hundreds of lives. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

The Bottom Line

So, that was our list of some awe-inspiring, top Shopify stores. What can we learn from the best Shopify stores? Well, for starters, anything is possible! No matter what the size or nature of your business is, you can make your mark on the online world through Shopify.

Secondly, it shows that Shopify is an absolutely wonderful platform that can help anyone get out there and put up an eCommerce store. So, whether you are Kim Kardashian or a small business on Etsy, you can use Shopify to take your business strategy to the next level. Not only that, but your ROI with Shopify involved in the scene will leave you asking for more!

So, this is our parting advice to all the business owners out there: move your store to Shopify! Seriously, do it today, so you don’t have to regret it later. Who knows? Maybe the next time you will be on this wonderful list instead.

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