Amazon Direct Shipping Ultimate Guide 2021

Do you want to make way for a freebie? You might have observed many offers on the internet regarding avail free offers through various methods. But sometimes the offers seem too good to be accurate and hence can be a scam.

In this article, we will be providing you simple and legitimated information for availing of Amazon’s direct shipment.


But what is the direct shipment?

Direct shipping is the opposite of drop shipping. The process of sending products directly from the producer to the buyer is known as direct shipment. This process eliminates the role of a third party, which includes assigning an intermediary for distributing products from supplier to buyer. It decreases the lead time, reduces the loading and unloading cost for the suppliers, and stamps out delivery charges for the buyer.

In parallel, it benefits in the same manner when consumers can grab direct shipping from Amazon.

What Do You Mean By Amazon Direct Shipping?

When Amazon merchants send free items to customers directly, it is known as Amazon direct shipping. This way, the dispatch goods are shipped straight to your doorstep from the Amazon warehouse of Amazon. It indicates that the transaction is made directly between the supplier and the customer rather than on Amazon.

In this regard, it’s significant to acknowledge that the shipment made will be between you and the seller (which is a separate vendor utilizing Amazon’s platform for selling purposes and NOT Amazon itself). The vendor associated with Amazon is then able to store the inventory in Amazon’s warehouse.

In parallel with this, Amazon corporation does not give away freebies to the consumer, and thus you cannot avail products manufactured by Amazon for free. Though it does not look beneficial, this scenario is an immensely lucrative way of doing business for suppliers.

Here’s how.

Suppliers are associated with Amazon corporation worldwide to use its platform for selling their products. However, direct shipping gives an impression of why suppliers send freebies instead of making money through delivery charges.

However, suppliers choose this way to avail Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

(FBA) Fulfillment by Amazon aims to provide several services. Such as: warehouses to store their inventory, delivery for the products, and Amazon’s customer support to suppliers associated with Amazon. Moreover, FBA enables suppliers to retain their goods in the United States, sparing them many costs on overseas freight. Thus having access to Amazon’s massive shipping and warehousing chain is profitable to businesses.

However, if you are a retailer, you need to keep in mind that the store’s gross profit must cover the cost of FBA services. So that after paying fees to the FBA services, the profitability of your business should be adequate.

Fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA) Payment

Each month, warehousing costs are levied to reimburse the preceding month’s inventory storage. Rates differ based on the time of year and the amount of the commodity. In addition, there are additional fees for keeping risky products.

Moreover, extra charges are incurred to pay if a merchant requires to keep the product in extended storage. So to avoid this loss, merchants try to reduce their expenses by eliminating excess goods from these fulfillment sites.

You must have found Fulfillment by Amazon advertising on certain Amazon items, which signifies that the company uses Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon services and is an international vendor.

 An illustration of a product page that leverages Amazon’s FBA service is shown below.

How to Look for Amazon Direct Shipping Deals


You must be eager to grab such offers after hearing about Amazon’s direct shipping amazon program, and your immediate instinct would be to look for these direct shippers. But wait, it’s not as easy as it seems. However, opening an account for shipping freebies is easy, but finding out the right one to get direct shipping amazon freebies is tricky.

So you need to look upon different platforms first to find out which seller is available to sell through direct shipping.

To help you get started, some of the simplest methods to locate connections to direct shipping freebies.

1. Websites for Freebies

There are plenty of websites on the internet offering direct shipping freebies and other techniques to acquire free products. You can look it up on search engines by putting keywords like “direct amazon freebies” and get a ton of options. Although not all of them are going to be legitimate so beware of the scams.

You may request direct ship freebies, also known as mail freebies, from Amazon merchants, and they will deliver them to you for free without any conditions. Direct ship freebies website includes all the forms available to fill out to avail amazon freebies. You don’t need Amazon’s platform to search for it, and you don’t need ratings. All of the things are available at no cost.

All you have to do is fill out a form if you are interested with your relevant information. Moreover, it has attached all the documents and emails of direct shippers.

Apple 1

Websites like Elite Deal Club are given a specific amount of discounts to distribute to the market by the associated sellers. Several sellers can allocate a large number of their items, while others are unable to do so. Moreover, it’s linked with Facebook, so you will have an option to sign in with it directly.

Another site to claim freebies through amazon direct shipping is Gimme freebies, and it allows you to have many options to surf for direct shippers. Several categories of products are available with specified locations.

Snagshout also serves as a direct shipper locator. Buyers and promoters are connected to brands that value their consumers. However, this website does not require forms to mail.

2. Online Groups and Forums

Online forums and groups are the ideal places to seek Amazon sellers who provide direct shipment. You can find these online groups on social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook has several different groups where you can find out direct Amazon shippers.

Lookup for direct ship facebook groups on Facebook, and you’ll discover a slew of them with users who are both buyers and sellers. You will find different forms for direct shipment that the merchants in these Facebook groups provide. All you need to do is fill them out, and then you are good to go.

Online groups

However, there can be several groups that are unreliable. So to help you dodge those, here are a few legitimate groups you can join:

  • Direct Ship / Unicorn Gifts / Surprise Freebies;
  • K.C.’s Direct Ship Freebies & More;
  • Azon CODES & Direct Ship & GIVEAWAYS ONLY;
  • Amazon Giveaway Freebies.

These Facebook groups are good places to look for legitimate merchants who provide direct shipment. They also offer advice on how to prevent being a victim of a scam.

So now, If you have joined one of the dedicated Facebook groups for direct shipment, you can start with filling out forms. The group must have documents submitted by merchants, as well as buyers sometimes.

However, while filling out the forms, you must be extra vigilant because they ask for sensitive personal information, as anyone could use them for some fake identities.

3. Reddit

Reddit is a vast collection of web forums where people can ask queries, share common interests, and exchange information. Reddit’s searching tool can help you identify content on almost any subject you can imagine. You can use keywords like freebies, direct ship deals, and Amazon direct shipment to locate your preferences.

You have to sign up for free to join Reddit. Once you have entered it after that, you may join any significant subReddits to keep up with the newest direct ship freebie form. Every subsection consists of its own set of regulations that you must follow.

However, if you only want to locate direct shipping discounts, you are not bound to join Reddit for that. So If you’re concerned about your confidentiality, you can also surf as a visitor.

What Can You Receive Through Amazon Direct Shipping?

Unfortunately, it’s unpredictable to know what you can avail yourself of through Amazon direct shipping. Since Amazon sellers have a ton of products to sell and it’s utterly dependent on sellers what they are willing to sell. Amazon. Moreover, Amazon currently offers over 12 million goods across all segments.

If you include Amazon Marketplace items, the total number of products might approach 353 million. Although, your Amazon direct shipping freebies may consist of beauty items, clothing, home equipment, office supplies, and more. In short, the products you’ll receive will be completely unpredictable.

How Frequently Can You Receive These Freebies?

Direct delivery is a way for suppliers to be efficient and save money on Amazon costs. So by shipping items to you, suppliers tend to prevent extra charges that can occur for products held for more than a year. However, several variables might influence how often a supplier sends out freebies. And that could be:

● Storage Due Date Around the Corner

The sellers can decide to wait till the storage payment due date to optimize their earnings. Therefore they don’t ship anything until as near to the fee payment deadline as feasible. This way, they can acquire additional opportunities to sell products with profit before delivering them for free.

● Number of Sign-Ups

A further point of concern is the number of goods they have on hand and the number of customers registered for direct shipment. The items you will receive will solely depend on the number of sign-ups—the more forms for immediate shipping, the more minor things you will receive with delayed time.

So, you can imagine that this is solely the seller’s choice of when to send the freebies and how much to send them. Although, you have to only provide Amazon suppliers with contact information to send their extra supply.

● Completion of Lead Time

Regardless of whether it’s a direct shipment or not, the merchant still needs to prepare to distribute your freebies from the Amazon fulfillment center. So it might take a while to get done with it since firms have dozens of destinations to distribute their products.

Is Amazon Direct Shipping Legitimate?

Several suppliers tend to manage their inventory by excavating additional stock to avoid extra charges. And this process is not only confined to Amazon’s sellers. It happens in almost every business when the supplier does not own the warehouse and rents a warehouse to store it.

The same is the case with amazon sellers since amazon charges an extra fee on the additional time of holding the stock, so it’s better not to bear any further expense than paying the actual payment. Suppliers store a ton of stock in the amazon inventory since not many people have purchased it online. So they need to move out their inventory, whether by destroying or selling them directly.

As a result, these companies must avoid paying high costs and identify potential customers for sending direct-ship items. Even though these freebies are legitimate, you should be aware that there are fraudsters out there.

Before you begin, there are a few things you should know

First, you should remember that you never approach someone directly and ask for a freebie. Always keep in mind to only fill out the application forms and wait for items to arrive. It would help if you also refrained from giving comments for items that you are provided for free since Amazon prohibited it from avoiding merchants from influencing their reviews.

Another factor to consider is that internet scammers are a significant concern. Thus it would help if you were careful not to give out too much sensitive information such as; credit card pin, address, etc..

Final Word

Amazon direct ship freebies are a fantastic opportunity to receive free items sent directly to your door from vendors all around the world. However, online scamming is not a strange thing. That’s why you must choose the way of getting freebies carefully. Although, there are other methods to complete direct ship applications while maintaining your anonymity.

Overall, Amazon direct shipping enables suppliers to optimize their inventory, which eventually benefits buyers to avail various products free of cost.

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