B2B Marketing 2021: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

An effective B2B marketing strategy should drive traffic, create awareness, and generate leads. But, it is not always easy to identify what works for you. 

How do you intend to reach your target audience? Are they interested in your business? As a B2B marketing beginner, there are so many unanswered questions running across your mind. 

Lucky for you because we have answers to these questions. With this guide, we’ll take you through B2B marketing ideas. In addition, we will list the differences between B2C and B2B marketing.

So, let’s dive in!

What Is B2B Marketing?


Business to business marketing, commonly abbreviated to B2B, is a form of marketing where a company markets products and services to another business. 

Your target audience is another business, hence the term business to business. B2B marketing is different from business to customer (B2C). The main difference here is the audience. 

B2B deals with sales representatives and managers who make buying decisions on behalf of an organization. B2C, on the other hand, deals with individuals. 

For example, if you’re a company that deals with the supply of office machines, your target is businesses in the corporate niche. That is a small audience with a higher purchasing capacity. 

Why Is B2B Marketing Important?

Currently, 76% of B2B marketers have adopted a formal marketing plan. Before you get started with marketing, you need to research and identify your customer’s needs.

In what stage of the buying journey are they in, challenges, and interests. Remember, you want your agency or company to have a long-term relationship with the client.

With that in mind, you can then proceed to formulate a marketing strategy. That is a plan that will help you create awareness and attract your ideal client. 

As you can tell so far, B2B marketing is different from B2C. You’re marketing to other businesses to offer a solution to a need. That is, they want to know how your products and services will improve their company or drive results.

Do you have a business plan that needs marketing? Check out our list of online marketing strategies that you can borrow and implement in your B2B marketing.

B2B Marketing Strategies

As a beginner in B2B marketing, you need to ensure that you’re attracting the right audience. What should you do to start attracting leads to your business? 

  1. Use a sales App

As more businesses adopt online marketing, you need to scale up your marketing strategies and drive more sales. An example of an app to use is the sales app by HoneyApps. 

It has so many attractive features, and you’re free to customize it to your brand. The app has an analytics tool to help track revenue, conversion, and views.

The sales app has built-in templates to help you create your designs. For instance, if you have an offer, you can customize it to your brand by using the templates or design from scratch. 

  1. Design a website

With the rise in online marketing, internet users and marketers will search online before making a decision. Do you have a website already? 

Designing a website has become cheaper. You can use free CMS like WordPress or use Shopify Plus. A website design shouldn’t give you sleepless nights.  

According to research, 38.5% of users look at a brand’s website before making a decision. So, make sure that it has a faster load time, has clear images, easy to navigate, and represents your brand. 

For a B2B marketing agency, a website is an essential platform to advertise your company. It should have pages like a services page, contact, portfolio of your work, and contact page. 

Remember, a website represents your company online. If it’s professional and easy to use, customers are attracted to keep scrolling. Some end up converting.

  1. Optimize your B2B website for SEO

To increase ranking and visibility on a search engine, you need to optimize your website for SEO. You can do it yourself or hire a marketing agency for optimization services. 

SEO is a broad category that comprises on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. B2B SEO helps you to be discoverable when people search for you online. 

Use online softwares and tools to optimize for keywords within the B2B niche. For example, if you’re supplying office seats, optimize your content and posts with the right keywords. 

SEO is the backbone of your online visibility. Without it, it will be hard for you to rank on search engines. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a strong online presence. 

  1. B2B Email marketing

How often do you send emails to your subscribers? Email marketing drives a higher ROI as compared to other marketing channels. To be specific, for every dollar spent, it has an ROI of $36

Email marketing is one of the top forms of content marketing that B2B marketers use to engage customers. 81% of marketers are already using email newsletters for lead nurturing.

Further to the statistics, 87% of marketers use email as a top-performing organic channel in organic marketing. Does your B2B business play a role in the statistics?

To attract your target audience to click on your email newsletter, have an attractive subject line, responsive email design, include a CTA, and be professional. 

Here’s an example of implementing email marketing in your B2B business. You have prospecting customers who subscribed to your email newsletter. 

If you have an offer and you’re targeting specific clients. Create an enticing email, then share it with your customers.

  1. LinkedIn marketing

Do you have a business profile on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the best B2B marketing platform. With LinkedIn, you can- run ads, send a message, and publish posts and articles. 

It is the most preferred social media marketing platform by most B2B marketers. 96% of marketers use the platform to distribute content. There’s been 5x more LinkedIn advertising over the past 5 years.

With LinkedIn, you are able to build a professional profile that represents your brand. Marketing on the platform is paid and organic. LinkedIn helps you reach a broader audience directly.

You can also go live to educate your audience or offer value. Besides, you can partner with another business to talk about a trending topic within your niche. 

  1. B2B content marketing

Content remains to be a powerful form of marketing. There are so many reasons why you should implement content marketing. First, it is to create awareness. 

What you need is to identify a common topic within your niche, then create content around it. But, make sure that it conveys your brand’s message and tone. 

Second, content marketing gives more information about a topic. That is, to offer value. For a B2B, you’re providing a solution to another business.

According to Content Marketing Institute, 45% of B2B marketers have built subscribed audiences, while 53% use content marketing to generate revenue. If you do it right, content marketing can improve brand loyalty, generate leads and increase sales. 

A tip and trick to use with content marketing is to start by understanding where your audience is in the buyer’s journey. Do you have a solution to their current problem?

To get started with B2B content marketing as a beginner, publish quality and relevant blog posts on your website. Also, make sure that your content offers value to your audience. 

  1. PPC Advertising

Our list cannot be complete without paid advertising. B2B marketing is both free and paid. As the marketer, you set a budget for the amount you want each ad to spend.

As a beginner in B2B marketing, you cannot run an ad to sell products to your customers. First, you have to start by creating awareness. 

PPC advertising requires you to understand who your target audience is. Before you run a campaign, make sure that it has content that prompts your audience to click. 

That is, you do not want to spend money and have no or lower return on investment. 

  1. Social Media Marketing
mobile phone

Social media marketing is growing at a higher rate, especially with the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. Although LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B marketing, this does not mean that you ignore other platforms like Facebook. 

Facebook advertising is not limited to B2C customers. Marketing on social media helps in creating awareness and driving traffic to your website. 

Facebook ads are cheaper compared to LinkedIn ads. With the number of social media users expected to rise to 4.41 billion in 2025 globally, you cannot ignore marketing on these platforms. 

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, make sure you have a complete online profile. 

  1. B2B influencer marketing

Influencer marketing works for both B2B and B2C marketing. A business will buy a product or request for service based on an influencer’s review. 

For example, you’re a shipping agency that specializes in the delivery of products. You can partner with an influencer to advertise your company and why other businesses should consider your services. 

B2B influencer marketing not only builds awareness but also drives traffic and generates leads. 

  1. B2B Video marketing

Video marketing is about creating videos instead of written content. The biggest platform to publish your B2B video is Youtube

Most internet users prefer watching a video instead of reading written content. You can repurpose your high-performing blogs to create video content and share it on social media or websites. 

Is There A Difference Between B2C and B2B?

B2B marketing is different from B2C. As a marketer, you need to be aware of the difference between the two.

B2B marketing is about advertising services and products to other businesses. Here, the salesperson makes purchases on behalf of the organization. In B2C, it is the opposite. 

The individual makes a purchase based on their interest, challenge, or need. B2C has a large audience as compared to B2B. 

Here’s the difference between B2B and B2C:

  1. Audience – the audience is the main difference between B2B marketing and B2C. B2B focuses on a small audience, while B2C focuses on a large audience. B2B is niche-driven as compared to B2C. 

For example, a hiring agency will advertise job openings and hold interviews on behalf of other companies. On the other hand, a company selling shoes will target a broad audience. That is anyone who likes the products the business offers.

  1. B2B focuses on generating leads – B2B marketing is about creating long-term relationships with other businesses. That’s why their marketing strategies are goal-oriented. For example, B2B marketing is on LinkedIn as compared to other social platforms.
  2. Decision making – in B2B, an individual makes the decision on behalf of the company. An organization will compare the products from other competitors before reaching a conclusion. 

In B2C, the marketer has to get creative with the advert to create urgency for the buyer. Hence, most marketers end up having discounts and offers that will attract buyers.   

For a B2B, there are so many considerations that the organization has to factor in. Does the product or service offer a solution? Does it help the target audience? The target audience, in this case, is the employees.  

The Decision-making process in B2B is extensive and also involves emotions. For example, if the business partners with a shipping company, the delivery person loses his job. In the end, the buying process in B2B is often longer as compared to B2C. 

  1. B2B customers are after ROI B2B marketing focuses on the return on investment. The price in B2B is higher than in B2C. The customer buys a product for personal use. In B2B, the business looks for efficiency and gains as compared to B2C. 

Final Thoughts

As a beginner in B2B, you need to start by identifying your audience. Next, understand the stage they are in in the buyer’s journey. B2B marketing is about creating awareness and generating leads.

B2B marketing requires you to research before you start marketing. You have to create a relationship and build trust before you convert leads to your business. 

Marketing in B2B is focused on ROI. Having a marketing strategy that works for you and your audience is a step closer to winning your target audience. 

So, which of the above B2B marketing strategies will you be using first?

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