How To Increase Youtube Subscribers

When YouTube started out, it was merely a means of entertainment for people all around the world. Today, it is one of the most important marketing and business platforms in the world.

A YouTube channel can allow you to take your marketing strategy to the next level. However, in order for that to happen, you need to ensure that you have just the right reach on YouTube. In that regard, it is important to get as many organic followers as possible. 

So, you can finally stop asking yourself how to get subscribers on YouTube, because this article contains all the answers you need! Keep reading to find out.

The Importance of YouTube Subscribers

For any YouTube channel to be successful, it needs to have a considerable amount of subscribers. It is your subscribers that you get the most of your views from, and essentially they act as the basis of your success on YouTube. 

YouTube marketing


If you plan on monetizing your videos and earning money from your content on YouTube, your subscribers play an even more important role. For starters, you have to build a subscriber base of at least 1,000 people before you can become a YouTuber partner and start earning ad revenue. From this part onwards, it becomes more critical to hit subscriber milestones because the more people you can take on board your subscriber list, the higher your channel goes on YouTube’s benefit ladder. That also means more perks for you, including awards, managers, and production aid!

Other than that, subscribers are also an important aspect if you are utilizing your YouTube channel for marketing and branding purposes. They will boost all the important metrics that improve your position as a business, such as the play counts, watch time, and engagement. These aspects also contribute towards the YouTube algorithm in general and make sure that your channel is getting the attention it deserves. 

For all of these reasons (and more), it is important for you to have enough subscribers. 

But does this mean that you should spend money to get YouTube subscribers?

Absolutely not!

If not, then how to get subscribers on YouTube?

Avoiding Paid YouTube Subscribers

As a budding YouTuber or a new business, you are probably very eager to get out there and get started with your success on YouTube right away. The seemingly best available shortcut for that is to pay for YouTube subscribers or use a service that promises ways to gain YouTube subscribers super quickly. Right? Wrong!

Buying YouTube subscribers never works. The best channels you see on YouTube are the ones that built their space on the platform organically. The ones that buy YouTube subscribers are not even in the same league! In short, spending time on shady ways to get YouTube subscribers is plainly counterproductive. 

When you pay for YouTube subscribers, you just won’t get the results you want. These subscribers won’t engage with you, will create an overall bad image for your real followers, and might even create problems with the Youtube fake engagement policy. So, when you buy YouTube subscribers, you are setting yourself up for a lot more problems than you could anticipate.

There some services that offer you, free YouTube subscribers. With these, it is important to remember that the subscribers are not free at all. Essentially, you are paying for these by doing exactly what the service wants you to do. The service will require you to earn your subscribers by subscribing and liking other channels. This method is really not beneficial to you, as the service will usually ask you to apply to a total of 20 channels, out of which only 10 will follow you back. 

So – you’re really giving out more benefits and advantages than you are getting, and that’s why free YouTube subscribers are ultimately a hoax! 

The better way to grow your YouTube subscribers audience is to get it through tried, tested, and organic methods. 

Ways to Increase your YouTube Subscriber Count

The ways that we are going to share with you are the best, most lucrative ways to expand your followers. Some of these, you might have heard of before. Others, however, may be completely new to you. However, all of these are aimed towards getting you active, organic YouTube subscribers. 

  1. Put “power playlists” to use. 

Power playlists are the playlists that are organized by outcomes. This means that they list all the videos that are based on a certain outcome. For example, if HoneyApps were to have a YouTube channel, all the videos helping you get more YouTube subscribers could be organized into a power playlist. Power playlists are more likely to encapture the attention of the user as they are all aimed towards helping them fulfill certain outcomes. In this regard, a power playlist is more likely to help you get more subscribers. 

  1. Focus on creating longer videos.

Usually, people advise you against longer videos. However, for YouTube, the longer your video is, the better chance you have of attracting new subscribers and retaining old subscribers! In fact, longer videos are better when it comes to YouTube SEO as well. Therefore, it is better for you to aim towards creating longer videos. 

  1. Urge your viewers to subscribers. 

Surprisingly, a lot of people fail to realize that viewers are not the same thing as YouTube subscribers. Viewers are the users who view your YouTube video – this can be anyone on the platform, even the people who have not subscribed to you. Your goal, therefore, should be to get these people to subscribe to you. Most people do this by providing the viewers with good quality content. 

Additionally, asking your viewers to subscribe to you at the end of a video is a good way to remind them to give you the action you need. It may seem a little too salesy, but it works! Check any successful YouTube channel out there, you will figure out that a call-to-action concerning the subscription is the norm – and hence, you shouldn’t hesitate from jumping on the bandwagon for this one/ 

  1. Verify your Google account.

On the more technical side of things, it would be good to certify your Google account if you want to expand your subscribers’ base. YouTube users can upload videos up to 15 minutes long – if you want to create content that goes beyond that limit, you will need to have a verified account. As already mentioned, longer videos are more useful in terms of retaining and attracting YouTube subscribers, which is why account verification is important. 

  1. Build a community

Forming a connection with your existing audience and using it to foster subscriber growth is a good method as well. When you have formed a relationship with your viewers, they are more likely to be interested in contributing to your success. In this regard, it is important to think of your channel as a community. 

how to increase YouTube subscribers


You have to interact with your viewers, make sure that their feedback is heard, and that they are accommodated. Look at the most successful YouTubers around the world. Their success is dependent on the amount of love they get from their fans, and that only comes when you make people feel like they are heard, seen, and loved!

  1. Incorporate branding elements in your YouTube channel. 

Whether you are a business or an influencer, you need to understand that a YouTube channel is essentially a part of your brand. In that sense, it is important for you to incorporate branding elements into your YouTube channel. So, focus on things like banner art, channel icon, channel description, custom URL, and make them as relevant to the brand as possible. The more customized your channel is, the more welcoming it will appear to your viewership.

  1. Focus on creating compelling, branded thumbnails.

Thumbnails are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of attracting your audience. A thumbnail is a 1280 x 720px still image that acts as a cover for your video, and it is the first thing that your viewer is meant to notice. So, naturally, it has to be attractive enough. Not only that, but the thumbnails for every video you post should have a consistent theme. 

When you do that, you are creating a more professional image for your brand.  Using the same font, the same color palette or even the same frame composition will enable people to associate a certain image with your brand. However, you must also remember that the thumbnail should actually reflect the content of the video. A clickbait thumbnail just reduces the authenticity of the video, and of your channel! While it may get you views, it is bad for your reputation in the long run, so it’s better, to be honest about the content of your video. 

  1. Strategically display your content on the channel page.

The layout tab in YouTube studio allows you to include 12 sections to your channel homepage. This is a great opportunity to strategically organize your content in a way that your best videos are the first ones potential viewers encounter on your page. Keep in mind that this is the content that is going to decide whether or not your viewers click the subscribe button! Therefore, choose the absolute best for this section. If you are confused about which one to pick, you can go for Popular Uploads. This means that your top 12 most viewed videos will make it to the top.

  1. Keep a consistent schedule.

Another thing that will really help you attract new subscribers is a regular upload schedule. The thing is, your viewers will only subscribe to you if they know that you will be putting out a stream of content that is likely to help and entertain them in the future as well. So, if they know that you will be coming out with content regularly, it will be easier for them to look forward to something. 

As a creator, when you deliver consistent and regular content, you are essentially putting in the right amount of effort to engage and encourage new viewers to interact with you and invest in your brand. Think of your channel as a TV show, and then pick the right timeslot for it. You can even get feedback from your viewers to decipher what they want and when they want to see it. This will mean that your content will turn into a series, with installments that the viewers will not want to miss out on! 

As tough as it sounds, it isn’t! You can use apps to schedule your videos so that they are posted exactly on time, and you don’t have to sit behind your screen to get on board and post things. This will bring more consistency to your channel, which is always a plus point in terms of calling out new viewers and making sure that the old ones stay with you. 

  1.  Integrate your YouTube channel with other social media platforms.

In 2021, your entire success strategy is contingent on how well you utilize your social media platforms. It is not wise to just stick to one platform and neglect other social media channels – because trust me, your competitors surely aren’t doing that. 

Youtube subscribers


What you need to do is cross-promote on social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Post trailers, posters, and teasers of your new content on these channels so your viewership on these platforms can be directed to YouTube. This is one of the best ways to expanding your subscriber count on all your social media accounts. 

Think of your favorite influencers. Ever see them posting on Instagram with that “swipe up” link to their video? Well, that is exactly what we want you to do! The result is going to be great, and you will be able to get organic subscribers like never before. So – every time you post a video, leave some cookie crumbs for your other social media platforms as well!

Key Takeaway

YouTube can be a wonderful source for you, but only if you use it correctly and have an impressive subscriber count. While there are shortcuts you can use to accelerate your growth, the best and most effective ways will always be the ones that require you to put in time, hard work, patient, and persistence into your craft. 

The best part? Your investment is going to be worth it! So, without any further delays, just hop onboard and take your YouTube channel to the ultimate level of success.

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