How To Perform SEO Competitor Analysis In 2021

SEO competitor analysis can be confusing and incredibly time-consuming. If you are new to the digital market, you might not know what it is or how to dig up information. Sometimes it gets more confusing, and you end up with more questions than answers.

With so much competition in the digital market, you have to keep up with the other competitors. But competing is not a bad thing because it means many consumers are willing to invest in a particular product or site. If there was no competition, Marvel comics VS. DC comics battle would not exist.

In order to run a successful business and stay one step ahead of your competitor, you need to know how to run a good SEO competitor analysis. If you are not sure how to run one, then don’t worry because we have compiled all the necessary information, you need to know about it.

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What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

SEO competitor analysis is one of the essential starting points in the development of your search strategy and digital market value. It involves studying your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in-depth, alongside with their marketing strategies, usage of keywords, and choice of products. You must also shortlist those competitors who have a better SERP strategy.

This allows you to learn about the public demands and saves you from wasting time testing strategies that did not work out for those before you, and lets you work with the most successful methods. However, it is not guaranteed that the methods which worked for others will work for you too. Therefore, it is best to work according to the needs and trends of the current time.

Importance of SEO Competitor Analysis

To increase your market sale value, conducting a good Competitor Analysis is essential. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you should know about their marketing strategies.

Below, we have mentioned the benefits of SEO Competitor Analysis:

Improved Content Quality

By identifying your competitors’ weaknesses and analyzing the public reaction to their services, you can identify the improvements and innovations needed to increase your SERP ranking.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to learn to implement important keywords at the right places and at the right time. Also, use proper content; make use of videos and images to capture the attention of people, so they share your site resulting in more publication and the attraction of the right kind of traffic.

Plan Future Strategies

By keeping a close monitor of the trends and evolutions, you can plan your future marketing strategies. SEO Competitive Analysis allows you to make improved decisions about your marketing and helps you make sustainable changes to the content to increase SERP ranking.

Nowadays, the trends are continuously changing, that is why keeping a close check on what is happening around you can help you a lot.

Engaging Content

Looking at the content marketing of your competitors can inspire you to create better marketing content.

In order to create engaging content for your audience and come up with better ideas, looking at what your competitor is doing might be a good idea.

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How to Conduct SEO Competitor Analysis?

Now the question remains: how to conduct competitor analysis? SEO competitor analysis has to be done with accurate facts and figures and not just plain guessing. For an in-depth and insightful competitor overview, it is essential to know how to conduct competitor analysis.

Follow the steps below to conduct a good Competitor Analysis:

Keyword Research

Researching for keywords is the first and foremost point for your SEO strategy. Good research over Keywords is essential because it is what helps your audience to find you.

Keyword research might be time-consuming, but it helps you identify the products or services that people will search for, and will rely on what you are offering.

It also helps you identify what people are demanding and what they are interested in. You can research for good keywords by placing yourself at your customer’s place and figuring out what you would search for when looking for a particular product.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Gap analysis is the process of figuring out the keywords that your competitors use but they don’t. These are the keywords that your competitors use to drive the traffic towards their product.

With Gap analysis, you can identify new opportunities to create more categories and more product lines for yourself. You can also figure out why they are ranking more than you.

When you figure out these keyword gaps, you can start working towards closing the gap and you can also improve your site by making the changes you need to make to target those certain keywords.

keyword gap analysis

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Know Your Competitor

In order to win a sprint race, you need to know who you are sprinting against. It will be harder to compete against Usain Bolt than any other sprinter.

Similarly, to plan your strategies and future marketing, you need to identify and categorize your competitors.

In order to do that, you can search your keyword list into Google and highlight the sites that show up. To increase the accuracy of your competitor analysis, you can search for ten or more keywords and then track everything on a Competitor Analysis template.

Your competitors can be divided into three categories:

1. Direct Competitors

They are the one who shows up the most for the keywords in your niche. They target the same product like yours to a similar audience.

2. Indirect Competitors

They are the ones who target the same product as yours, but have different goals and audience.

3. Replacement Competitors

They are the ones who do not target the same product as yours, and you have no direct threat from them, but they might become your direct competitors in the future if you expand your services.

You need to focus primarily on your direct competitors because they are the ones who threaten you the most. But this does not mean that you have to ignore your other competitors because you don’t know who can hurt you the most.

SERP Feature Analysis

It is essential to see what SERP features show up when you Google the keywords. This process is critical to your content analysis strategy. Look at the type of content your competitors are capturing and what trends they are following.

In order to win the audience, you need to dive deeper into the searchers’ mind, what content they are looking for. Fortunately, this is an easy process because Google has already determined the users’ intent and shows up the searches they want to see.

Examine your Competitor’s Content Marketing

These days in order to keep your consumers engaged and keep up with your digital market, you need to have a good content marketing strategy.

Study what kind of content your competitors post and how often they post. See how they handle their other social media accounts, how often they tweet or post on Instagram, and how the audience responds to them. Discover their top content and figure out how you can improve yours accordingly.

Many companies use the current social media trend to engage their customers and help increase their sale value. 

Link Gap Analysis

Internal linking is vital to increase your ranking. Google uses an internal linking structure to rank and index the sites.

In order to obtain good links, we have to use intelligence and data.

One best way to obtain the links is by analyzing your competitor’s internal linking. See how they have structured their site and what kind of links they use to increase their ranking.

If your competitors’ internal linking is wrong, then it should be the foremost priority to use yours too. However, if you notice any weakness in their internal linking, you can take it to your advantage and promote your site.

Moreover, you can show the site linkings how your resources are significantly better than your competitors, and you might have a chance of winning over them.

The Final Takeaway

Competitive Analysis is a time-consuming and mind-numbing process, as it is more than just listing your competitors and going through their primary data. It is a deeply insightful competitor overview of their marketing strategies, SERP ranking, strengths, and weaknesses. But once done, it can help you improve your position in the SERP and manage to stay one step ahead of your competitor.

Competitive Analysis is not simply the study on the behalf of your competitor, but it also helps you identify your weaknesses and strengths. It enables you to recognize the areas you lack in and also the areas you excel at.

SEO Competitive analysis provides you with the data you need to stay ahead of your rivals and improve your SERP. No matter when you start and what content you bring to the digital world, there is almost always a competitor already present in the market.

So in order to place high in SERP, it’s best to conduct an in-depth and detailed SEO competitive analysis.

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