How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace – Complete Guide

What if we tell you that Amazon and eBay are not the only digital marketplace where you can buy or sell things – Yes, you heard that right. In 2016 Facebook decided to launch Facebook Marketplace to make things easier for the buyers and sellers, yet many of us are still unaware of this new feature.

People were already creating groups about how to sell on Facebook marketplace. Well, let’s say that Facebook just decided to make things official.

In recent years, people have started buying things just by sitting in the comfort of their homes. We all prefer to shop online now rather than going through the hassle of physical stores.

Do you know the best part about how to sell on Facebook marketplace? It is free and effortless to use. All you need is an active Facebook account, and you’re good to go.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

It is about time you understand how to get to the Facebook marketplace and how to sell items on the Facebook marketplace. And build up an eCommerce business.  

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace that was introduced to its users in 2016. It is a great platform where users can arrange to buy, sell and trade items with other people in their area. You can buy or sell practically anything on the Facebook marketplace, from your old furniture to rental houses.

The monthly active Facebook users are 2.8 billion, out of which there are an estimated 800 million Marketplace users.

Facebook marketplace allows the buyers to rate your profile and leave their feedback which is visible on the Facebook app for Android or iOS, making your profile more authentic.

The buyer and seller themselves work out the transactions. Facebook plays no role in managing or facilitating the transactions. The transactions are not considered to be the responsibility of Facebook in any legal sense.

How to sell of Facebook marketplace

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Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Market is an easy and effective way to increase the audience for your brand and increase your product sale. Understanding how to sell locally on Facebook marketplace can help you make money just by sitting at your home.

Extended Reach

Facebook can help you expand the audience for your product. There are about 2.8 billion active Facebook users. Out of those, about 75% of users check their accounts every day.

With this high percentage, you are bound to meet someone in your area interested in your product. Not just that, you even ship across the country.

Effective Customer Experience

The effective Facebook algorithm makes sure to target the right audience for your product around your area. This helps increase the interaction that ultimately leads to the purchase.

And since you can interact with the buyers via messenger, it helps you build up their trust in your brand. They are also able to see your public Facebook profile which makes you look authentic to them.

Convenient Shipping Method

Facebook lets you decide upon the shipping method according to your ease.

You, as a seller, can select the shipping labels on the Facebook marketplace. There is an option for free shipping or prepaid shipping. The buyer covers the cost of prepaid shipping. You can also let Facebook pay for the shipping, and this method is easy and inexpensive.

Safe Transactions

Your transactions are secure with the Facebook marketplace if you sell through the Facebook check-out system as the buyer is covered under Facebook’s Paycheck Protection Policies. This helps build trust with your consumer, encouraging them to buy your product.

Simple Listing Process

Having a sophisticated listing can help you increase your product sales. It is very easy with Facebook to manage your listing. You can upload and organize around ten photos at a time that the buyer can pursue.

And because of a practical algorithm, the people in your area can see your listing. You can also share your listing with your linked platforms with Facebook, increasing visibility.

How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Set Up Your Account on Facebook Marketplace

The first step on how to sell on Facebook marketplace is a self-explanatory one. You should know how to get Facebook marketplace. When you log into your active Facebook account, you will see the tab of ‘Marketplace’ on the left side of your homepage. And if you can not see it, search up ‘Marketplace’ in the search bar, and it will show up.

facebook login

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List Your Items

Listing on Facebook Marketplace is an easy process. All you have to do is click on the ‘Marketplace’ icon and select ‘Create new listing’.

The next step is to ‘Choose your listing type.’

You will see four options:

  • Item for Sale;
  • Vehicle for Sale;
  • Home for Sale or Rent;
  • Job Opening.

Choose the option that suits best to your product and then proceed with the option:

1. Add Photo Of Your Product

The first step of listing your product is adding a photo. Unlike other marketplaces, Facebook does not charge for adding more than one image.

Make sure you add clear images and add images from different angles. People want to see the product they are buying. Clearly, the colors should be prominent, and if the product is damaged, it should be seen in the photos.  

The more authentic the pictures are, the more likely the people will buy your item.

2. Add a Reasonable Price

Add the price you want to sell your product for. You can always edit it later. The price will be displayed in your country’s currency.

Make sure you add a reasonable price. If it is over-priced or some other seller is displaying it for less cost, you will lose customers. Be competitive if you want to sell your product.

3. Add Product Title

The next step is to enter the title of your product. The title should be to the point and clearly states the item you are selling. There is a 100-character limit on the title, so make sure it is not too long.

4. Add Description

Now you will have to add the product description, add all the relevant details, and be honest with the description. Clearly state if there is a defect. You do not want to sell one time. You are building customers. Add all the relevant details like condition, size, color, etc..

5. Product Location and Category

Now that is left is to add the location of the product and the category the product falls under. The category is already pre-made and all you have to do is select the suitable option.

Select Publish

This is it, you have listed your item, and now all you have to do is select publish. This will set your item to active and will be visible to everyone on Facebook or off.

Communicating With the Buyer

Communicating with the buyer can be tricky. You will meet all kinds of people, rude and polite. But one thing both will try to do is negotiate the price. The tip is to be straightforward with your price.

If you notice a customer is genuinely interested in your product, try to answer them as soon as possible. This will increase the chances of the item being sold.

And if someone sends you a rude message, then you can simply ignore or block them.

Stay calm if the buyer is rude or aggressive; all you have to do is stay firm with your price and learn to say ‘No.’.

facebook messenger

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How to Sell Locally

How to sell locally on the Facebook marketplace can be confusing. Because if the customer is from around your area, they will ask to meet you to negotiate the deal.

Be cautious when handing off the product to your local buyer and meet the person in a public area. And if you feel comfortable, then you can ask them to pick the product of your home.

Always visit the profile of the person you are selling to make sure it is trustworthy. And if you notice something shady, then back off from the deal.

On the Facebook marketplace, you can even report someone who is not authentic.

Rules Of Facebook Marketplace

Like any other website, there are a few rules on how to sell on Facebook marketplace as well. You cannot sell certain products on Facebook, and specific images you are not allowed to upload.

Products That You Can Not Sell

Facebook prohibits the sale of certain products that they feel will cause trouble or are suspicious. The list of the items is given below:

  • Alcohol;
  • Animals;
  • Event tickets;
  • Illegal drugs or medicines;
  • Adult products;
  • Weapons or explosives;
  • Digital media and electronic devices;
  • Tobacco or related products.

Images You Can Not Upload

You are not allowed to upload the before and after photos. For example, if you sell weight-loss tea, you cannot upload showing the before and after pictures of weight loss.

Ship Timely

With Facebook, there is a three-day shipping policy that you must follow, and the item has to be delivered within ten days of the sale.

You Can Only Sell Physical Items

The items you sell on the Facebook marketplace must be physical, or Facebook will not allow you to sell them.

You are not allowed to sell jokes, news, or posts.

And if you want to sell tickets for an event or services like event planning, etc., you must first coordinate with one of Facebook’s partners.

Facebook makes sure that the marketplace remains safe for both the buyer and seller. For this reason, they have set a few guidelines and rules. If someone tries to violate the policies, then your account might be restricted or permanently deleted.

facebook marketing

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How To Boost Your Sale on Facebook

Now that you know how to sell on the Facebook marketplace, the main issue remains: how to increase your product sale.

Optimize Your Product Listing

How to make money selling on the Facebook marketplace, the smartest thing to do is optimize your listing. The better your listing is, the more it will attract the customer and increase your sales.

Add good photos, a detailed description of the product, and carefully analyze the audience you need to target.

Boost Your Listing

Boosting your product listing makes it visible to a larger audience, but you have to pay to promote your listing.

‘Boosting’ is basically like turning your listing into an ad that moves your listing to the top of Marketplace search results. This makes your listing visible to more customers.

Your listing will appear on people’s news feeds which will encourage them to visit your profile. It also customizes the right audience for you to target.

By setting up the budget that suits you the best, you can promote your item. You can also keep insight into how your promotion is doing.

To boost your marketplace listing, you have to go to ‘Your Listing,’ find the right post you want to promote, and select ‘ Boost Listing.’.

Then you will have to set the right budget according to the days and select the audience you want to target. After optimizing all the features, choose the option ‘Promote Now,’ and you are done.

Add Search Tags

Adding tags can help your item be visible to more customers as the customer might search for the product according to the tag, and it can boost the chances of your product being sold.

There is a tag box at the bottom of every listing. Make sure you add relevant tags according to your products. For example, if you sell a linen table mat, add tags like ‘linen,’ ‘linentablecloth,’ ‘tablecloth,’ etc..

Add Good Photos

This might seem obvious, but some people on the marketplace do not care about the kind of photos they upload. Make sure your images are not dull or blurry.

Add clear and relevant images will increase the chance of customers reaching out to you. Customers want to be sure about the product they will invest in, so adding clear pictures from different angles builds up your trust with the customer.

To take good photos, you can use a plain, clean background and set up the lighting. You can take the photos outside in the daylight for better quality pictures.

Use a professional and high-quality camera for more HD images. And make sure you take close-ups as well.

Offer Free Delivery

You might too surprised to learn that people will invest more $10 product with $3 shipping than a $13 product with free shipping. No one likes to pay extra for the shipping. You can add the shipping price to your product price. It can increase your chances of your product being sold.

Moreover, you can offer free delivery to your local customer according to your convenience.

Post Your Listing on Local Groups

You can share your listing on the local buyer/seller group. This can help you put your products in front of the local customers and grab their attention. Make sure your product is of a reasonable price, or else you might face a backlash.

Refresh Your Post

If you cannot sell your product or even get a response on it after a week or so, then the best thing to do is renew your post.

As more sellers keep adding new listings, it pushes your listing down, so to bring it back up, you can add a new listing of the same product.

The Bottom Line

Facebook marketplace is rapidly increasing as more and more people are becoming aware of it. Out of 2.8 billion active people, about 800 million use the Facebook marketplace, and the number of users is increasing daily. As the Facebook marketplace is easy and simple to use for both the buyer and seller, its demand is growing rapidly.

These days people like to shop by sitting at the comforts of their homes as this is becoming more busy and fast-paced, people do not get time to visit the shops to buy a product. Because of this reason, the demand for online stores is increasing. Platforms like Craigslist and eBay have increased the number of customers online.

As the competition increases on other platforms, sellers are continuously looking for new and optimized ways to sell their products. And knowing how to make money selling on Facebook marketplace can provide you with that platform. What platform is better than the one that already has so many users and where more users are joining each day.

Knowing how to sell items on the Facebook marketplace gives you a platform to make money just by sitting on your couch. It helps you hook up with your local consumers, making it easier for you to negotiate the delivery and transaction process.

The key is to remain patient and keep optimizing your profile; soon, you will find the people who want to buy the products from you.

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