Top 5 Business Security Systems To Use

Every business needs protection. It is common sense to have your most valuable assets protected at all times. With all kinds of different business security systems available for every type of business, it can sometimes be a daunting decision to make. 

When every security company claims to have the best business security system, choosing the right one for you can become challenging. The best security system does not only consist of a few locks and a control system.

These days, business security systems go above and beyond to ensure that they take all the possible measures to protect you. By now, you must be wondering, what is the best security system for business?

What Is The Best Security System For Business

An excellent security system offers you 24-hour video monitoring, flood monitors, motion detection, smart locks, keycard readers, smoke and heat detectors, and much more. All these features can give the security system the edge over the rest.

Choosing the best system for you mainly depends on your company’s requirements. The same system can be the best security system for small businesses but not fit your large-scale business at all.

You must look at all the different features of a business security system and its cost to decide if it is the one for your business or not. With this article, we hope to make your decision easier by letting you know of the features of business security systems and the top five security systems you can use.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Business Security System

There are many factors to consider before you decide which business security system to get. Let’s look at some of the key features that make an excellent security system for businesses.

Monitoring And Installation

There is a wide range of business security systems, and all of them have different levels of monitoring and installation. After obtaining a security system, you also have to install it and set it up.

If the installation process is too complicated, you might face many difficulties, especially if your business does not have a special tech department.

The level of monitoring provided by business security systems also varies. The best kind of security system offers a 24-hour monitoring service. This way, you can always be sure that your business is safe.

24-hour monitoring with a high-functioning alarm system will alert you whenever needed and alert the local authorities that require contact during any emergency.

Customer Care And Support

You must choose a business security system that offers the best customer services as you will require them at all different steps of installing and maintaining a security system. Numerous companies offer minimal to no customer service at all.

Getting a security system for your business is not the end of the process but just the beginning. All the hardware and software of the security system you have requires maintenance and regular updates. Without excellent customer support from the company, it can become tough to carry that out.


The business security system cost mainly depends on the size of your business. If you have a large-scale business operation, obtaining the best security can cost you more than it will cost someone to get the best security system for a small business.

The three significant purchases you have to make for a top security system are hardware, installation, and alarm monitoring. These will cost you the most amount of money. The alarm monitoring costs are slightly less than the rest, and purchasing the hardware is the most costly.

Some business security system companies also offer packages that include the installation of the system for free. By opting for these packages, you can significantly cut down on the business security system cost. 

Customized Control Systems

The best business security systems take your company’s needs into account and offer you control systems tailored to your company’s needs. This feature gives you personalized software that can be easier for you to navigate.

You can add or remove features according to your requirements and only have the features that you feel will be helpful for you. By having the control systems tailored for your business, you can ensure that you are only getting the best level of security possible. 

These different features come together to make the best business security system that can give you the highest level of protection for your business.

Now that you know what you are looking for let’s find out which are the top 5 business security systems.

1. SimpliSafe

Business security systems

Simplisafe gives you the option to get simple security systems that come with equipment that does not require any professional set-up, or you can opt for more high-tech security systems that they can install for you.

If you have a small business, you can choose simple security measures. You can get features like glass-break alarms, 24/7 video monitoring, smoke detectors, smart lights, and much more for a more large-scale business.

Simplisafe provides you with the most advanced hardware for your protection. The Simplisafe equipment has a three-year warranty as well. This business security system allows you to monitor your business 24/7, and you will always be alerted if there is any unusual activity. Simplisafe also takes measures to contact local emergency services like the police, fire department, paramedics, etc.

With Simplisafe, you don’t have to worry about the security system not being under your control. This security system comes with a custom mobile app that allows you to monitor everything yourself.

Simplisafe is also one of the more affordable business security systems available. They manufacture the components and equipment of the security system themselves, which saves the cost of a middleman. Doing this makes them an inexpensive option.

Getting constant positive reviews from customers and professional reviewers cements Simplisafe’s place as one of the best business security systems available. The quality of the equipment is as good as any other security system, and the price is more affordable, making it a standout choice.

2. ADT


ADT is known for offering the best commercial-grade security services. The company provides customized cybersecurity and also protects against crimes and the elements. ADT can provide high-grade security systems right on-demand, allowing them to have the edge over their competitors.

ADT offers you a remote control feature. It has a brilliant mobile app that allows you to monitor and control all the safety measures for your business. This business security system gives you business video surveillance, protection against intruders, and alerts about any natural disasters.

You need to have the initial equipment installed professionally as it is commercial-grade and requires professional tools. After your security system has been set up, you can use the ADT app to purchase any new equipment you want to add to your security system online.

ADT is known to provide custom solutions to each business, and the pricing can vary according to the plan that you choose for your company. The security system also has an extended trial period, so there is practically no risk in purchasing it.

Cybersecurity is a massive factor that is required by any online business and start-ups these days. With most of your company’s assets being online, you must have protective measures in place for them. ADT consists of network engineers that are certified in cybersecurity. With ADT, you can safeguard all the essential and valuable assets of your business.

Running businesses like a Shopify store can require you to obtain services from a company that can provide cybersecurity for your business. You also need these services if your business has an Instagram account with a massive following. Cybersecurity ensures that your data is always safeguarded.

ADT is one of the most highly-rated business security systems as it provides you with solutions to all of your protection problems and gives you a plan that is customized to your needs.

3. Vivint


Vivint is the top security system provider for smart security solutions. The Vivint security system ensures that all of your needs are met, and your business is safeguarded against everything.

If you are looking for a professionally installed security system that uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to make your business safe, Vivint is an excellent option. The security system also provides you the luxury of viewing all of your security details from the comfort of your mobile phone with their advanced app.

Vivint has a state-of-art cellular chip installed in the hub, which allows it to detect smoke and fire and send out alerts even if the power is lost. With an emergency response time of an astonishing eight seconds, Vivint sends out alerts to your local police, paramedics, and firefighters in the case of an emergency.

Vivint offers you continuous video recording. This feature is usually preferred over motion-detected video recording for safety purposes and gives Vivint the edge over its competitors. Continuous video recording allows businesses to ensure that the employees follow safety protocols and provide safety measures against shoplifters.

The resolution of the indoor and outdoor security cameras used by Vivint is also brilliant and can provide a clear view of all the places you are monitoring.

Vivint has security systems with varied price ranges. You can use Vivint’s mobile app or call their customer service number to get a price quote for the security system you are interested in.

4. Frontpoint


Frontpoint is a leading security system provider for homes and small businesses. They are known for providing solutions to all your security needs at a non-commercial level. Frontpoint uses some of the most dependable equipment and gives the clients a warranty.

Frontpoint is hailed as the best business security system for small businesses because their plans require self-installation instead of a professional installation. This feature makes the security system more accessible to small businesses and lesser so to large-scale companies.

You can easily get any alerts you need on your phone as Frontpoint provides them with their security systems. They also have professional monitoring plans better suited for small businesses instead of other plans catered to homes.

Frontpoint starter kits are one of the cheapest security system options. These kits come with a hub, wireless keyboard, security cameras, and motion sensors. You can easily set the gear up yourself and don’t require any professional help for it. Frontpoint also allows you to purchase and add any other equipment that you might need later on.

The customer service provided by Frontpoint is highly praised. Their customer care representatives are always helpful, and you can get all the support you require from them.

The emergency alert system provided by Frontpoint is also one of the best, with a quick response time. Their system alerts all the local emergency services that need to be alerted in an alarming situation and provides you with alerts and alarms if there is any unusual activity.

5. Lorex

Lorex Technology is highly regarded in the security system industry for its impeccable industrial quality security cameras. These security cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. Lorex is an excellent choice for small businesses as well as large-scale companies. The security cameras come with multiple unique features, and you can choose the ones that meet your business needs.

Lorex also has a mobile app that you can download to always stay up to date with all the security alerts and updates. This app can also be used to view the live stream from the security cameras at any time. You can also buy wide-screen video monitors from Lorex to view all your security footage in high-definition.

Various features make the Lorex security cameras stand out. These cameras are built to be vandal-proof and are practically indestructible. The security cameras are also built to withstand all weather conditions and are highly durable. Lorex security cameras have 115-feet night vision as well as color night vision. This feature helps you monitor the security footage even during the night.

Overall, Lorex Technology is known for its industrial-use security cameras and compared to the other security systems mentioned above, Lorex has the best quality security cameras. They also have a 60-day return policy which decreases the risk associated with spending money on them.

Key Takeaway

By now, you are probably well aware that every business needs a robust security system to protect all your valuable assets. Different security systems come with various features that make them stand out from the rest.

However, before choosing one for yourself, you need to decide which features you are particularly looking for. The cost of these security systems is also a deciding factor when selecting one for your business.

Not only do these security systems safeguard your business, but they also provide you with peace of mind and bring down your stress levels. That alone should be enough to make you want to invest in the best business security system.

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