YouTube Monetization Review [+Best Strategies To Make Money]

How do you make money on YouTube is the first question that pops up in our heads when talking about YouTube monetization.

So how do you do that?

Well, in simple words, if you have a YouTube channel and create videos that have a noticeable number of views, you will wonder how you can benefit more from it?

Well, this is where YouTube Monetization comes in and saves the day. If your videos get a noticeable amount of views, you can apply various ways to monetize your YouTube videos.

Keep investing your time and effort with the addition of great content, and you will soon see the benefits in the form of monetization, increase in followers and reach, as well but for that, you need to understand how all of it works.

We have put together this short guide to help you learn about how to get monetized on YouTube and benefit from the insights of your YouTube channel.

How to Get Monetized on YouTube?

Youtube monetization

Getting monetized on YouTube is not very difficult, but it indeed is a little time-consuming. You have to set up your YouTube account with the YouTube Partner Program, which is very simple.

Ever noticed the ‘monetization’ tab while logging into the YouTube studio? You cannot apply there unless your account reaches the required number of subscribers and views on the video. After completing these basics, you are ready to apply to the program.

The next step after you apply for the monetization option is that the account is reviewed, screened, and the owner is notified if accepted. If accepted into the program, you can start to monetize your account and start earning more from your YouTube account.

But that is not all. You also get to see the various analytics related to advertising on your YouTube channel that you can use smartly, and see the performance of your YouTube Channel to check how you are doing. Use the insights to make the relevant changes and increase your reach even further.

So, what are the steps to guide you on how do you make money on YouTube?

Steps to Getting Started with YouTube Monetization

There are some steps that you need to follow to get accepted into the program.

These steps are mentioned below:

Step 1. Ensure that you enable YouTube Monetization

For the first step to happen, you should be aware of all the different terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner Program. Are you completing the requirements that they ask?

If yes, then sign into YouTube and click on the tab that says, ‘Monetization.’.

Follow the next steps to get started with the YPP (YouTube Partner Program).

Step 2. Sign Up for an Adsense Account

Signing up for an Adsense Account is not very time-consuming, and it is not very difficult as well.

Google uses AdSense to pay you as your business grows and while it sells the ad space. Simply put, you are paid by AdSense instead of being directly paid by YouTube. It aggregates the views and makes a deposit on the 21st of every month.

Through AdSense, you can get valuable insights and measure your performance accordingly.

You can also connect your account and channel and work your way through it.

Step 3. Decide the Best Options for Advertising Settings.

After signing up on an AdSense account, go to the settings page and decide on the best settings for the ads and monetization.

You also have the liberty to choose the type of ads you want to play before your video, ensuring that the existing and future videos are ready for monetization.

Step 4. Channel Review for YPP Approval

After you are done with all the steps mentioned above, it is time for YouTube to analyze your channel, and if it meets all the requirements, your channel gets the approval to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Google helps people by providing them with relevant information on how to get monetized on YouTube. You can read YouTube channel monetization policies that clearly mention the content that they review to approve the channel.

It includes the:

  • Channel’s main theme;
  • Most viewed videos;
  • The newest videos;
  • The biggest proportion of watch time and;
  • Video Metadata (including the title, description, and thumbnails). 

The basic requirements for the channel to get approved also includes:

  • Having at least 1000 subscribers;
  • 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

Additionally, go through the copyright guidelines and know its effect on how you make money on YouTube. It takes around one month for the application to get reviewed and get the final verdict. Sometimes, it can take a bit more than one month.

Moreover, it is essential to stay active and keep uploading videos because it is possible that YouTube disables the monetization option if you are not active and don’t upload a video or posted on the Community tab for 6 months or more.

What to do after getting rejected from YPP?

If by any chance, your channel gets rejected from YPP, it is primarily because of a significant issue that they might have come across when screening your content.

Also, there is no need to get demotivated. Re-apply for it again after 30 days of rejection. You can also check out the FAQs for better tips that can help you get accepted the next time again.

Now that we have discussed the steps on how you can get started with YouTube monetization, it is now time to discuss the ways for monetization.

Effective Ways for YouTube Monetization.

There are many effective ways that can be implied and used for YouTube monetization.

Although advertising revenue is one of the best ways to earn money, why only stay there? Figure out more ways that can help you monetize your videos and earn more.

Every creator happens to create different kinds of content and therefore has different ways when it comes to monetizing it. Following are some of the ways it can be done.

1. Ad Revenue

When content creators join the YouTube Partner Program, ad revenue is the first thing that crosses their minds mainly because it is vital to generate revenue. After getting accepted in YPP, turn on ads for the videos that meet the content guidelines, and this will help the advertisements to be shown on your content.

So, when YouTube earns because of the ad, they will share that earning with you. Usually, YouTube keeps a share of the earnings and shares the rest with you via Google AdSense, and this is one way you keep track of all your analytics.

Steps to Turn on Ads:

  • Open YouTube Studio;
  • Click on the Content tab in the left sidebar;
  • Select one or multiple videos;
  • Select Monetization in the left sidebar;
  • Choose the type of ads that you want to run;
  • Save the setting.

2. YouTube Premium

The following way to earn revenue is through YouTube Premium, and it can help you increase your earnings after you join the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube Premium is available to all YouTube account holders and offers a much better and upgraded experience.

youtube premium

All the ads are removed in YouTube Premium, allowing the viewers to watch their favorite videos without any delay. Moreover, you can run the YouTube application in the background, and the video does not pause.

This is beneficial because when a YouTube premium member watches your content, you get paid for that as well. All you need to do is get accepted into YPP and don’t have to change anything.

3. Channel Memberships

paid memberships

Channel memberships are similar to website monetization done through a reasonable membership fee. Channel Memberships allow those members to pay a certain amount of membership fee and get access to content and videos that any other regular user does not have. That can include live chats, badges, emojis, and even special videos.


Keep including the good content since videos that have better content will help you generate a good amount of revenue. For this particular way, you need to have at least 30,000 subscribers on your channel. Only then will you be able to use this feature.

For a content creator to charge the viewers for private content, you should be offering value, and that is something that YouTube should be able to identify by screening your channel.

Steps to Turn on Channel Memberships:

  • Open YouTube Studio and Sign in;
  • Select Monetization in the left sidebar;
  • Submit all the perks;
  • Create an introductory video;
  • Choose the pricing structure;
  • Post the “Join” button on your YouTube Page.
security code youtube

4. Super Chat and Stickers

While looking at a Livestream on YouTube, you must have wondered about the people who get to highlight their messages in live chat. Those people actually purchase a super chat, and super stickers feature that allows their message to be featured and pinned at the top.

This feature offers the viewers more significant access to the brand and increased revenue for the content creators. However, the feature is not available in every region, and you can only access it if you are in the right areas.

video streaming

Steps to Turn on Super Chat and Stickers:

  • Open YouTube Studio;
  • Select Monetization in the left sidebar;
  • Choose “Live Chat” from the top menu and then “Get Started.”;
  • Follow all the instructions until you see the following message, “Super Chat Status is On.”.

5. Create Sponsored Content

Another very effective way of generating revenue through YouTube videos is by creating sponsored content. You can reach out to various brands and offer them the partnership that you will either feature their product in their videos or create an entire video on their product. This is undoubtedly a vast marketing opportunity.

Content creators that have a good following are able to engage some very high-end brands because it will provide them with a larger audience. Even without other options, this is a tremendous opportunity that can help you generate money.

Try using YouTube BrandConnect that can match you with a potential sponsor by using its special algorithm. How much you get paid depends on the kind of content that you create and the number of views it gets.

brand connect youtube

6. Try Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has always been famous for startups, well now it can be used for content creation on YouTube. You can use numerous applications to find people that will financially support you in return for perks, for example, offering them early access to content. They have a unique dashboard that makes it easy for people to use them.

Recently, YouTube has also added this feature. Initially started for the gaming channels but extended for everyone. Now, if you like, you can add a sponsor button to your videos. Offer rewards to your audience in return for monthly funding.

7. Start Selling Merchandise

After you develop yourself as a strong content creator, people would want to buy your merchandise later, giving them a better chance to engage with you.

Most commonly, this practice is adopted by content creators who have a good reach and a noticeable number of subscribers and are using this feature, creating another revenue stream for themselves. This option is actually worth exploring.

Steps to Turn on Merchandise:

  • Open YouTube Studio;
  • Click Monetization in the left sidebar;
  • Click on the ‘merchandise’ tab (It is visible to only those who are eligible for it.);
  • Follow the given instructions and receive your Teespring ID.

8. Choose to Become a Brand Affiliate

Brand affiliates can get many benefits by finding ways to monetize their content, including videos and blogs. By joining the affiliate program, they are able to choose from the wide range of products offered by the company. Moreover, they provide you with a referral code or unique link, so when people use that link to buy a product, you get a percentage of the sale the brand makes.

It is essential to carefully choose the brand that you will be willing to work with, but if you find the right kind of brand that aligns with your channel, you can start generating a notable amount of revenue. Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the brand and the content creator.

You simply have to add the affiliate links to your description. Also, make sure that you offer relevant and engaging content to your viewers and since the products will reflect back on you and the content you create.

These are some of the ways that can be used for YouTube monetization, and there are also some tips related to this that can help you even further.

Tips for YouTube Monetization

Yes, you have followed all the required YouTube monetization requirements, but it will take some time before you start earning money at all.

What can ensure that you keep earning is if you follow the rules and principles created for you. This majorly includes producing content for the target audience that is very beneficial and caters to them.

YouTube does take away the monetization privilege if you do not post for 6 months or more. So be careful and follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Be consistent when it comes to posting. Avoid taking a lot of breaks to post new content;
  • Avoid compromising on the content quality at all. It is the quality and the content that get you the following and the audience;
  • Fully understand your audience and generate content according to their interest;
  • Sponsor products that you will be willing to use and buy because they will reflect back on you;
  • Increase your channels, meaning grow your content into blogs and social media;
  • Use SEO to boost your channel and content;
  • Make sure to reward your followers.

The best way to grow through YouTube monetization is by looking into other arenas as well. Sole dependence on the YouTube channel will not be enough and will provide fewer opportunities to expand.

Final Word

YouTube is a great website and application with a simple design. If you create content and post videos on YouTube that are engaging and exciting and can reach a notable audience, then YouTube monetization is for you.

Apart from the basic ways, you can use many other ways to monetize your videos and generate a revenue stream from them.

But if your goal is to benefit from YouTube monetization, you should define your goals and start creating content that helps fulfill the requirements needed to get approval and acceptance into YPP.

It will take some time, but the creation of good content will help apart from monetization benefit and allow you to build a constant revenue stream via YouTube.

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